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A boy in the forest being watched by his mom. Forest school, homeschooling.


I am a mama to a wonderful, curious and delightful seven year old boy.

I believe profoundly in preserving the magic of childhood, a connection with nature and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities.

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  • What is Waldorf Education?
    What is Waldorf education? It is a philosophy interested in education the whole child: the head, heart and hands. To find if Waldorf education is for you..
  • What is homeschooling?
    Homeschooling is the magical act of educating your own children. Before the industrial revolution children helped their parents on the homestead or learned about the trade of their parents. Family was the most powerful social unit, communities were strong and children felt a sense of belonging. The industrial revolution created the need for factory workers who would leave their communities to pursue factory work in the cities. Thus, the modern educational system was born. Today many college educated graduates are in debt and don’t have meaningful work. Yet middle class parents and those aiming for upward mobility continue to prepare …

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  • What homeschooling really looks like !
    Today is a normal February school day. I am working from home. It is six months into our home school journey. My Son is 7 and it is first real academic year and we are following a Waldorf inspired approach. In September he started a forest school that is two days a week. This gives him companionship with other littles, long period of time in the forest, and experience of first nations elders and their story telling. This part of our home schooling is amazing and more than I could hope for. This two day portion helps to anchor our …

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  • This is for you:
    The Homeschooling Year Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why) I am tired of looking around and seeing mamas struggling when choosing to homeschool. So many families have been forced into homeschooling because of COVID. However, many of these are families who have seen a bad circumstance and turned it into possibility. That is how I move through life. When a door closes, I ask what else? What else is out there? I believe that we all have our own individual paths in life and often when the thing we were working towards or really wanted doesn’t work out, …

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  • The Top Blogs to Help You On Your Homeschool Journey
    How many of these incredible people do you know? I’m going to share the top educators that really changed my life for the better.  And by the end of the article, you will discover resources on how to emotionally connect with your child better and some support on the journey to being the parent you always wanted to be. I am taking the liberty of assuming we all want to be that parent who has endless patience and knows how to meet the needs of their child [including finding ways of setting boundaries and supporting them when they are challenging]. …

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  • The end of the year
    Our homeschooling year is officially at an end. What I mean by this is that the forest gatherings are coming to a close. We must say goodbye to our current cohort. I love the friendships that have been made this year. More than that I love that I have found a teacher that loves and delights in my child as much as I do. In turn my child loves and delights in nature and in birding particularly. Lessons that I have learned: 1. Teachers need to love your child. Period. If your child’s teacher does not love your child then …

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  • Thanksgiving
    This post is not really about Thanksgiving. At least I don’t think it is. It is about resolve, and feeling more comfortable with homeschooling. Today we had the most awesome day, or I should say, I had the most awesome day. We went to a forest with a Dam [which I have never been to], not properly. I had seen/discovered this place almost 11 months ago when my Dad was visiting and I thought I would come back with S. Who knew that it would take me 11 months? Even with all the extra time that I got with COVID. …

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  • Spring Festivals | Waldorf Homeschool
    Today is the official first day of spring. March 21 2021. We had an amazing day. Even though it was pouring rain and even though it was only the two of us. Celebrations in COVID are different. However, today got rave reviews. We spent the morning at a local park. It was pouring rain. We bundled up in our rain gear and then also took umbrellas. I have mixed feelings about umbrellas. However, today they saved the day. We saw a wood pecker, possibly a downy wood pecker, an juvenile eagle and a great blue heron. All in a 1 …

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