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What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is the magical act of educating your own children. Before the industrial revolution children helped their parents on the homestead or learned about the trade of their parents. Family was the most powerful social unit, communities were strong and children felt a sense of belonging. The industrial revolution created the need for factory workers …

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Learning to Read the Waldorf Way

Waldorf parents are concerned about when their children might learn to read. This post explains the rich Waldorf tradition and the posters own experience of watching her child learn to read, relying on Waldorf Homeschool approaches.

Homeschooling in 2021

homeschooling in 2021

Last year was tough. However, there are a lot of good things that came out of the pandemic. People had the opportunity to evaluate what is important to them. For me personally, the measures taken in Canada made working from home a possibility. In the past it was considered impossible. Knowing that I would be …

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Decolonizing education

indigenous black lives matter

Why colonization matters – homeschooling for people of colour. The struggle for freedom.

How to Parent When You Are Sad

how to parent when you are sad

The particulars of my story Truth. Today I woke up with the desire to do nothing…. There was no conceivable reason for it. We celebrated a great Solstice [our first] yesterday. It did feel very biochemical, my sadness. I also had no desire to try and shake it. One of my promises to myself yesterday …

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Minimalism and Homeschooling

minimalism and homeschooling

What is minimalism? That is a question for everyone to answer for themselves. For me minimalism is being intentional with my time, energy and other resources and eliminating all the clutter. It is not this thing you do this one time – where you throw out everything you own and replace it with new items …

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