Day 1 – Waldorf – Grade 1

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If you read my earlier posts you will realize that it took me awhile to figure out the approach. I tried to give myself grace, considering I am working from during COVID and trying to parent a 6 year old all alone. Not to mention a week of forest fires in September. That being said, we managed two one night camping trips and three days of forest schools, countless hours playing store and [he] learning to read and discovering poems, drawing and practicing letters [all of his own accord] since we haven’t started the grade one curriculum. Not to mention tons of outside time and playdates; and bonding with an estranged aunt.

So when evaluating our late start in writing, I can make no apologies.

That being said, I did start our homeschooling with the traditional form drawing block of Waldorf education and I will be spending the year introducing letters, 8 phonics rules, the quality of number and the four processes. The traditional Waldorf curriculum. This will be supplemented with twice weekly forest/farm school outings, more forest walks with mom, watercolour painting, a home day, and some handwork. I am likely going to be taking a seasonal approach to handwork as I believe that movement and outdoor play should rule the day [at this point in development].

There will also be lots of cooking [which has begun, with my little one being self sufficient in making his own rotlis]. Bread has also been made at least four times in September as well as a couple of other things [that he has made solely himself]. I am hoping this year will bring more in the way of gardening, food preservation, and learning about local foods, seasonal and eating to heal and connect. I am contemplating a food day. I am not sure if this will be the rest day.

Our Day

  1. Main lesson
  2. Breakfast
  3. Free play – me working
  4. Walk
  5. Lunch
  6. Nap – me working
  7. First watercolour lesson of the year – yellow, yellow – mellow fellow.

Our First Lesson:

Morning Verse – [Will add the text later]

Circle Time

  1. Counting to one hundred [clapping game/crossing the mid-line]
  2. Skipping [this needs alot of improvement and we haven’t practice much] – however my LO was super enthused – which he rarely is about skipping. We ended before he was ready – in order to keep up the enthusiasm.

** Circle time was shorter because we were ending main lesson with a walk **

Forgot to do skip counting

3. Form Drawing

  • I drew the form on his back [a line]
  • He walked the form forwards and backwards
  • We stomped the form forwards and backwards
  • He used stones to draw the form
  • He used a skipping rope to draw the form
  • I drew the form on the ground in sidewalk chalk
  • He drew the form on the ground in sidewalk chalk
  • I corrected him as he turned to the side – I reminded him that we must draw from top to bottom.

4. Then I told a story – about Karim and Sophie – our two characters for our container story. The go for walk in the forest and get lost. They find a fairy bird who asks them for a favour – to help him on a quest – to help the humans and animals who live in harmony. They agree. He asks them to collect items that are like lines that can be used for the journey. They ask him how to get out of the forest – and he tells them a straight line.

5. Walk – we take a walk and we look for lines:

Our list: twigs, more twins, tree branches, a rain pipe, lines on a truck, an electrical wire, mushrooms planted in a line.

Sharing is caring!

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