First Day Of School

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First Day of School

Today was the first official day of grade one. While K’s classmates were busy at a rose ceremony we were camping. We had been trying to get a spot at a local park which had been full all summer. Finally we got the opportunity. The day was perfect.

So while I had mixed feelings about the first official day of school, I think that it rocked. If I remind myself that life is about relationships to nature and to each other then we scored an A in the day – and what it was meant to be about.

Sometimes the things we need to learn the most are to unlearn. I have been raised to value traditional school, we all have. Even when it goes against my better judgement and my experience.

My personal experiences have been negative and yet I hold school up on a pedestal. I think the order that it brings – it helps with certainty. However the truth is that life is not certain; that flexibility and adaptability are the most important aspects of life. This is what truly builds resiliency.

There is nothing that can teach us to be flexible and adaptable more than a day out in nature. The elements subject us to various forms of physical discomfort and we need to learn to accept them, and to live with them.

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