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black lives matter in homeschooling

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I want to create a conversation around Waldorf education and discuss possibilities for creating a culturally appropriate curriculum

  • Since the recent events in the United States with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement there have been concerns about Waldorf education and whether it is racist. I don’t have a conclusion about this. What I do know is that the developmental appropriateness of all the Waldorf things that I have learned so far have been infinitely useful and I don’t want to lose them just because I have problems and concerns about Rudolph Stiener’s hierarchy of the races. The truth is that we live in a world that has inherited colonialization, racial injustice, and unequal access to our different cultures. It is an especially difficult task if you are a minority in North America and have been displaced from your cultural routes. However, there is so much to draw from in Stiener’s insights and Waldorf pedagogy about what is appropriate for the young child. Also, by using the festivals as a starting point I feel like Waldorf pedagogy provides a starting point for culturally appropriate, anti-racist curriculum – especially when the goal is to meet the needs of the child [not the theoretical one, but the one in front of you.]

I want to explore the relationships between Waldorf and unschooling

  • As a Waldorf parent from the beginning I am wedded to Rhythm. I believe that Rhythm is central to a calm upbringing. I believe that it nurtures all children and is best for a good family life. However, what that looks like and what adjustments need to be made, look different in every family. As I am entering the homeschooling phase, and working from home I think that unschooling will also serve me well. So what does this look like in my house?
  • It looks like main lesson early mornings before I start work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Forest school for my little on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Painting on Monday afternoons
  • Baking, cooking and a rest/home day on Sunday
  • The rest of the time while I am working my little has the mornings [after main lesson and breakfast] to work on his own. This is by necessity.
  • We do a walk before lunch
  • Lunch
  • Nap [he does still benefit from this] and I believe deeply in the role of in breath| out breath

I want to document my learnings

  • I have learned so much over the last six years in my parenting journey. I think it is more than time to start documenting my journey and to start and exploring my insights.

I want to connect with other moms

I am so interested in meeting and connecting with other like minded moms and sharing our insights with each other. If you are a blogger or a mom who is inspired by my reflections please reach out and share with me so that we can have the opportunity to connect.

I want to consider what forest school has to offer the Waldorf pedagogy as it is currently practiced

Ever since my little was in preschool I felt like I had to choose between Waldorf education and forest school.

  • When he was little I had the good fortune of being able to attend a Waldorf parent and tot program and a forest school parent and tot program. Both had alot to offer. As he entered the Kindergarten years I found that forest school introduced concepts too early, that I felt where not developmentally appropriate. I felt that the Waldorf Kindergarten did not allow as much outdoor play as I would have liked.
  • With the pandemic and the ability to work from I am able to send him to forest school two days a week while I teach main lesson 3 days a week and allow the rest of the week for him to learn at his own pace. This seems ideal. I wish to document my journey to reflect on the decisions and what they truly offered us this year.

What are your why? Why are you here? Are you homeschooling? What is your why?

Sharing is caring!

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