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What is the new normal?

For me, the new normal is asking my six year old to wear a mask. Not something I love doing, but luckily he likes it. We took time for this to become the new normal and when we are outside we don’t do this.

On the positive side the new normal means:

  • more time outside. It has allowed us to explore where we live and to do day trips which are less than an hour from where we live.
  • HOMESCHOOL – has become our new normal. In our case we are super lucky that a forest school is accessible. However, even in COVID you could probably organize your own parent co-op forest school, since most people can agree that being outside is far less risky – especially is masks are being worn by the adults in charge.
  • Writing habit, an opportunity to spend more time building this blog.

So what is your golden light?

Your life has changed considerably since last year. And maybe most of it is not positive, however what are the positives?

  1. Have you had the opportunity to connect more deeply with your immediate family members because they are the only people you get to spend time with? Have you taken the opportunity to deepen those connections?
  2. Have you had to make an effort to connect more and be more intentional with your friendships? Has this changed those friendships? Forced certain people closer and allowed you to let go of others?
  3. Has COVID allowed or forced you to reassess your priorities and maybe your finances too?

What has COVID allowed you to reduce from your life?

Minimalism + COVID?

  • As funny as this might seem I was talking to my Dad the other day and he has boarded himself up at home since COVID started. Which means he is no longer grocery shopping 5-7 times a week. This means he has freed up at least 5 hours a week.
  • For most people who are grocery shopping online they are able to curb their grocery shopping because they can see the total and also because certain products end up out of stock. This enables us to be more conscious about what we buy in terms of food and food waste.
  • For me grocery shopping is one thing that has streamlined.
  • However, the other by far is my commute. I am so happy about that.
  • Has your commute shortened? Are you happy about it? Or was your commute your alone time?

Our Best Day Ever | Everyday can be?

Our family has been blessed. We live in a Country that on the whole has handled the Pandemic well; taking action swiftly and providing financial support to most of those who need it. Maybe it won’t or isn’t enough, but it is alot better than many many other countries; and for that I am grateful.

I think in this part of the world we have choices. We can choose to shift most of our consumer habits and this power allows us to survive the economic impact of COVID 19. It also might provide us from freedom and shift in our lives.

As damaging as the Pandemic has been I hope you have been able to find your light:

through deepening relationships

more conscious consumption

and a better understanding of your priorities.

I would love to hear from you about the aspects of your new normal that you are planning to keep…


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