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Teach a boy to fish

A lot of moms ask me about whether I have introduced chores. In our house, housework has always been an important part of learning. When my little was 3 I would sweep while he played near by. My chores would allow me to provide him with presence but not attention. He needed my presence but he needed to be on his own, to do his own playing. His indoor play was unique to his outdoor play and it was a very necessary part of his processing, downtime and learning.

There were also a lot of chores to be done: cooking 3 meals, laundry, sweeping, dishes and tidying. All this while keeping toys to a minimum.

As he has grown he has taken on chores on his own. He wants to help. It is particularly necessary as part of the six year change. Children want to contribute, they want to be useful.

This year we have baked bread a little more regularly. He has prepared his own breakfast which includes making rotlis from scratch and cooking them on the stove. Over the summer he really wanted to clean the bath tub [which I let him, as we only use baking soda]. There are other times where I have assigned chores. For example picking up all the dishes after each meal and sweeping the floor.

Today he insisted he wanted to help clean. So I assigned him the task of clearing the counters and tables and doing dishes. He did a little. Loved to clean the pot. Then he insisted on making dinner.

So I talked him through making rice.

I watched as he put oil in the pan and added cumin seeds [@ 3].

I measured a cup of water and told him to add another one and some salt.

He measured a cup of rice and washed it. [ A skill he picked up from watching me]

Added the rice to the water.

Waited for the water to boil.

Turned the water down to 2, put the lid on and turned on the microwave timer for 20 minutes.

My 6 year old can make rice. Hopefully for many years to come.

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