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The Lantern Song

The sunlight fast is dwindling,

My little lamp needs kindling,

Its beam shines light in darkest night,

Dear lantern guide me with your light.

November is the beginning of festival season in Waldorf traditions. Actually that is not true, there are always festivals. St. Micheal starts the year off in late September. However, I feel by November we are starting to be in full swing. This year in our homeschool, we have not kept pace with festivals. We are leading a slower more intentional life and focusing on the moment. That being said there are certain festivals that are important to help us with the seasonal transitions.

The question that arises at each juncture is: how are we going to celebrate this festival – in an covid era and in a homeschooling context?

We have decided to meet a few of our homeschooling friends after forest school to gather, sing songs and walk with lanterns. We may then enjoy a meal far apart – some soup that we each bring from home. While this might be a let down from what my Son is used to at the Waldorf school I am hoping we can hold the festival for our new friends. Some of them have expressed delight at the festival.

I made a lantern festival guide for my friends and included the following links. The first link explains how to make the simple lantern [we might make something more complicated this year as we have created the same lantern two years in a row].

And here are some recordings from the Cincinnati Waldorf school.

Here are some other thoughts on Lantern Festivals from Jean over at WaldorfInspired.

Are you planning a lantern festival? How are you adjusting for COVID?

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