How to Heal An Earache Naturally

how to cure an ear ache naturally

Gargle with Salt Water

Take 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 200 ml of water and gargle. You should also have brushed your teeth before starting. I find that this cleans out the nasal passage way and kills bacteria in the throat.

Put 5 drops of Ear Oil –

Garlic and olive oil drops can be magical, depending on the stage of the ear ache. I the past I have put these drops in when I feel an ear ache coming on and I have managed to avoid a full blown ear ache. You can make your own by mixing olive oil [slightly warmed with crushed garlic]. Alternately you can buy this amazing remedy from St. Francis and keep it on hand.

How to Make An Onion Poultice

Onion poultices are my favourite. They can be used for ear aches of chest coughs. They are very healing. I like to make them with olive oil and garlic. I caramelize onions [1/4 chopped] and 2 cloves of crushed garlic. I wrap it in a thick paper towel like Bounty. You can use cheesecloth as well. Once it has cooled, but is still warm you place it on the ear. It should be soothing. Make sure it is not too hot. If it is too cold I have found it to be less effective as well.

Use Facial Steam to Open Up The Nasal Passage

Boil some water and put it into a large bowl. Sit down in front of it and use a large towel to create a tent around you and the bowl. This works wonders and is well worth the effort. It is more effective than a steamy shower; which is your other option.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The ear is connected to the whole nasal passage way [ears, throat and nose]. By relieving puffiness in the rest of your face and directing the mucus build up you can relieve the pressure that is likely causing you pain. Here are some tutorials:

I am interested in how different modalities approach and understand the human body. I have included links to some of the modalities that I regularly look up.

Chinese Medicine’s Approach to Ear Aches

I love this quote

The Kidney’s sense organ is the ears. So any issues relating to the cold weather (like achy bones), or any symptoms related to the ears, connect directly back to the energetic functioning of the Kidney.

Naturopathic Approaches to Ear Infection

An acute case is often traced back to a food sensitivity or allergen in your diet.Allergies cause inflammation, and if the ear tubes become swollen, they will block the drainage of the ears, which predisposes a person to infection. An interesting reason why kids more often get ear infections is because their ear canals are still horizontal; their heads haven’t finished growing yet.

Diary of an earache:

Day 1: very light discomfort – ignored it ! – Probably the wrong approach

Day 2: Woke up unwell

  • Gargle with Salt Water
  • Put 5 drops of ear oil

I was fine until 2:00 pm. I even went out to meet friends.

I had a bath around 4:00 pm. My energy was low but I was better.

Midnight – gargled with Salt Water

  • Put more ear oil
  • Made an onion poultice – unfortunately it was cold. You can read about how to make an onion poultice here. *** Over all I felt better and I was able to sleep ***

Woke up again at 6:50 my nose was dripping and I could not sleep. So I took a long steamy shower. [Not that steamy – I would recommend as steamy as possible. Or even better if you can do a face steam.]

In the shower my face was still feeling super puffy. So I was massaging it unconsciously. Then I remembered lymphatic massage. Here is a how to tutorial with pictures.

Again I gargled with Salt Water.

The result: I am no longer dripping with fluid

My ear does not – hurt [though there is a little bit of pressure]

I made breakfast {full of carbs. I could have done better. I know !]

After breakfast I was in pain and took a 1.5 hour nap. [9:30 -11]

I did another warm onion poultice and this held me until about 5:30.

I had to do another bath and massage. This was not as effective as I did not have the same level of build up in my face.

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