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The Homeschooling Year Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

I am tired of looking around and seeing mamas struggling when choosing to homeschool. So many families have been forced into homeschooling because of COVID. However, many of these are families who have seen a bad circumstance and turned it into possibility.

That is how I move through life. When a door closes, I ask what else? What else is out there? I believe that we all have our own individual paths in life and often when the thing we were working towards or really wanted doesn’t work out, it is because another opportunity has been created, and we just need to see it.

In my case I had been working towards my Son entering grade one at the Waldorf school for the past six years; and just when the time came [actually 6 months prior] a global pandemic comes along, forcing us to homeschool. The opportunity for homeschooling is literally forced upon me – I also decide that the future is uncertain and with the possibility of a second way of COVID 19 I would feel much more comfortable he is was in forest school.

So we begin, and there are so many bumps along the way. Finally by mid October we are on our way. And let me tell you, he is thriving and I feel called to homeschool. I feel like schooling is giving away my child, I feel like there is so much that I want him to know and learn and that it would be just not enough time to teach him all the things. Also, as great and lovely as a Waldorf curriculum is – it does not always nourish my child in the way that he needs, culturally – or meet his individual needs in the class context. So I am letting one dream go… to embrace another.

I am guessing you are here because you are in the same boat:

You are deschooling; or recovering from schooling. You are wondering if you are doing the right thing and what this will look like. You want to know that there are others out there who value what you value; those who put family and learning above all else. So here it is… let me explain:

The Homeschooling Year Was Designed for Homeschooling Mamas Looking For A Home

  • Mamas who want education that is developmentally appropriate but are not sure what that might be
  • Who value their children’s pace and their own passion and curiosity for learning; and who honour nature as the best environment and teacher
  • Who are looking for ways to incorporate their own family|cultural values and tradition at the core of their homeschool experience
  • Want reassurance that they will be able to raise happy, resilient children who are capable of thriving in “the real world”

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