Curriculum Review

This is a summary of the Waldorf homeschooling curriculum offerings. I will keep adding to it to make it more detailed. However, at the moment it covers what is available in the North American sphere and my reflections based on studying the samples available and many facebook strings [this is a popular question]. I have ranked them in my order of preference without accounting for costs.

Overall, Waldorf homeschooling curriculums are substantially cheaper than going to a Waldorf school. While I think the freedom of homeschool lies in having freedom I think a base curriculum to draw from is important for Waldorf homeschoolers. There are also Waldorf skills that a homeschooling mom must acquire and these need time and direction to be developed. The final aspect to the resources listed here will be suggestions on Anthroposophical education.

Whole Curriculum

  1. Live Education

PROS: Longstanding, written by experienced Waldorf teachers. Print copies which means you can resell.

PRICE: $440 US

Who: I think this curriculum is for someone who wants a traditional Waldorf curriculum.

2. Lavendar’s Blue

PROS: Step by step, homeschooling mama, well researched, simple, popular.

PRICE: $297

CONS: Not professionally trained as a Waldorf teacher. Digital with explicit no resell policy, currently only goes up to grade 4, but I believe she will continue as her children grow.

3. Be Earth Homeschooling

PROS: Lots of videos on all aspects of the curriculum, lots of skill building resources for the homeschooling mama, very diverse in the stories.

PRICE: $175 US

CONS: Common complaints can be the amount and organization of information, sheer overwhelm.

Who: For the mama who wants direction on developing their own skills.

UPDATE DEC 2020 **: Be Earth has reorganized their curriculum and is offering core curriculum packages from $75 US. This is great value.

4. Waldorf Essentials

PROS: Popular

PRICE: $330 US

CONS: Does not necessarily support a media free childhood. Has some offerings for children to learn virtually [which is pedagogically at odds with the spirt of Waldorf education].

5. Christopherus

PROS: Well established in the Waldorf community, long term homeschooler, committed to children being screen free, sliding scale pricing.

PRICE: $200 – $280 [Sliding scale].

CONS: Very traditional in the approach – appears to lacks diversity in the stories and representation.

Who: For the mama looking for traditional german influenced curriculum, interested in the why.

Have you tried any of these curriculum? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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