What is homeschooling?

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Children standing in mud; what is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is the magical act of educating your own children. Before the industrial revolution children helped their parents on the homestead or learned about the trade of their parents. Family was the most powerful social unit, communities were strong and children felt a sense of belonging.

The industrial revolution created the need for factory workers who would leave their communities to pursue factory work in the cities. Thus, the modern educational system was born. Today many college educated graduates are in debt and don’t have meaningful work. Yet middle class parents and those aiming for upward mobility continue to prepare their children to enter college.

Imagine a childhood where your children get to learn and explore all the things that interest them. Envision a future for your child where they are financially savy, have their own business and make decisions based on what is best for their families. This is what homeschooling allows you to do.

Rules around homeschooling

A notebook with a pencil sharpner and pencil on top; rules for homeschooling?

In Canada and the United States the rules around homeschooling and reporting learning vary from state to state and amongst provinces. However, in most cases you are entitled to educate your child as you see fit. What can be more compelling than ensuring the child learns through their own curiosity? Why would you want your child to sit at a desk all day in a school room? Especially since it is unlikely that they will need to?

Homeschool rules in America

Homeschool rules in Canada

Homeschool rules in Australia

Do I need a homeschool curriculum?

a child reading, do I need a homeschool curriculum

Homeschooling curriculums are available for sale online or you can look up state or provincial grade guidelines.

I have created a list of my favourite Waldorf Homeschool Curriculums here.

However, the best is to unschool. This is really hard for some people when they begin homeschooling. They feel like they need to replicate school at home. However, the advantage of homeschooling is that your children don’t need to sit at a desk or necessarily learn certain things at particular times – moreover they can learn stuff in a way that is most intuitive to them. Sometimes it takes time to embrace homeschoooling. So for those families that need the structure I recommend the curriculums above.

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